Relationship & Revelation

Approximately 4 years ago, I was at a Christian event and there was an altar call for people who wanted to speak in tongues.  At that same period in my life, I was praying to be able to speak in tongues, so when I heard the altar call, I jumped right up and went.
I said to myself : “tonight is the night it will happen because I’ve been praying and listening to messages on this topic for a while now, so there’s no way it’s not going to happen at this special night service.”IMG_2199 (2)
I believed that it was a sign from God that my prayers were about to come get answered.
We were many at the altar  and one of the ladies from church prayed for me. While she was praying for me I started to hear other  people who went up for prayer speak in tongues, I said to myself it’s just a matter of time for my breakthrough to happen.
After a few minutes of prayer and great expectation, nothing happened. I didn’t really understand why others were able to tap into the spiritual realm and not me. As I’m hearing others have their breakthrough, I had a wave of simultaneous emotions that took over, I was dealing with condemnation, disappointment, rejection, and unhappiness. The lady who was praying for me asked me the following question as she saw nothing was happening: “Do you see God as your father?” I said to myself what is she talking about? What does that have to do with anything? and then I answered, “Of course I do”. She responded, “OK”.
I felt like she didn’t believe me, but then Continue reading


Dealing With My Singleness

As I write this article, I’m not sure if the title is correct because I haven’t fully dealt with singleness but it’s a work in progress.
There are seasons in my life where I’m so on the “rush” that being single doesn’t bother me and there are some like the one  I am in right now where I pexels-photo-256711.jpegfeel the pressure of being single.
I’m reminding myself that singleness isn’t the synonym of loneliness. As you can be in a relationship or even be physically surrounded by people and still feel lonely deep down inside.
I therefore ask myself if singleness isn’t the synonym of loneliness than how do I deal with this feeling ?  Continue reading

8 years later : driving faithfully to my destiny.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "fear is a liar"Approximately 8 years ago, I failed by one point the written driving theory test.
In France, you need to get minimum 35 answers correctly out of  the 40 questions in order to pass the theory test called “Le Code”.
On the day of the exam, I was so sure that I had passed that I begged the instructor to give me my results (normally it’s the Driving School that tells us the results).
So when she told me I failed because I got 34 right, I felt like my entire world just crumbled down. Continue reading

Fasting : lighter, happier, and more victorious

It’s been so long that I haven’t written an article.
So many times, I started to write something and then I just couldn’t finish, I felt stuck or just didn’t like where my story was going.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "breakthrough"

But here I am now and I feel like a weight has been lifting off in the spiritual & physical realms. My victories on my weight started on Jan 3rd 2017 (the first day I fasted).

For years, I have been trying to lose weight. I tried so many fad diets, then tried sports and couldn’t keep up so dropped it. I was just a mess.
One night, a couple from Church they reminded me of who I am in Him and that I should lose weight for myself and not for some guy. In parallel, God was using my colleague Gigi to speak life and truth in me about my appearance and my weight. She’s not a christian but I can’t deny that she’s a God sent. She has challenged me to become such a better person inside out. God really used her to keep me afloat with the inner battles I was trying to fight on my own.
At the end of 2016, a few days before the New Year, I decided that I can’t go on, I needed to do something radical and changed my life.
I didn’t like who I was, what I looked like, where I was in my actual life, and wasn’t sure where I going. So just like that, I decided to fast with my Church. It was a desperate move for a girl who had a desperate call for help. This was the first time I’m fasting, like really. I fast in the past but I didn’t have that deep hunger for Christ like I had there.
As I started to do the Daniel’s fast, I felt the changes in my body as I seek Christ. The beauty of all of this is that God delivered me from the bondage I had of food. I’m still learning on how to eat healthy but there’s been so much of a breakthrough from the stronghold that food had on me. Little by little I lost weight and I learned how to listen to my body and eat better.

The beauty is that my weight loss, my steady weight loss happened when I seeked Christ and didn’t look to please some guy or some other superficial reason. I didn’t start fasting with a sole goal to lose weight  but Christ in his beauty and wonderful love, gave me more than I expected. My weight has been off now more than a year  (which has never happened before).
If you are struggling with something, pray and fast, take time out and seek Him. His love is so great that He will give you more than you asked for.

Even In Our Silence, He answers

Last Christmas season, I was a little down.
I didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas. I did all I could to avoid the cheesy Christmas movies and Christmas carols as I didn’t want to feel sad & cry.

I was sad because I wasn’t going to spend it with my family. Although I have many friends who had invited me to spend Christmas was them. Christmas isn’t really Christmas without your loved ones. So as stubborn I could be, I decided to spend Christmas alone, as I thought I would be strong enough to go through the day alone. Deep down, I knew it wasn’t true but I was stubborn.

Well, my dear friend Kelly wouldn’t have let me all alone on that day and invited me to embrace the season and dinner on Christmas eve.
So on December 24th as I’m thinking back on all the encouraging words she has poured in my life, I decided to get up and play my Christmas Carols while I was preparing to catch up with her later on in the day.

While I was looking through my CD folder, I saw a CD and it was written My BAPTISM – March 18th 2006. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t remember that I had a CD of my baptism.
It’s been years that I’ve been tried to remember the exact date I got baptized. I asked my former pastors but they didn’t keep a record of the date, I asked my mom (who normally records everything) and she doesn’t remember writing it down and if she did, she can’t find her notes.
My baptism was so unique, special and “weird” that I silently and internally “mourn” that was saddened that I couldn’t remember the date. I don’t remember openly praying about it. Maybe internally or externally I asked God to help me remember the date. All I remembered that it was on a Saturday. So over the years, silently, I just kept quiet but was disturbed in my silence. Continue reading